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Name:Terran Empire
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Community description:A place of gathering for T.E. subjects and minions
An thou'rt reading this, art most like to be a Minion of Her Imperial Majesty, and knowst full well of the Genesis and Designs of the Imperial Librarian Revolution. Yet it be possible thou art not indeed a Terran subject, and against that Chance I shall here present somewhat of the history of our dear Empire.

It happened in the Year of Our Lord 2002 (of the old reckoning) that a band of devoted Minions began to gather around she who was to become Empress and Librarian of all the worlds, and so this part of our galaxy did set out upon the road to peace, prosperity and interplanetary unification. As all know, today the Empire spans a full score of Worlds, with subjects beyond count, ruled from its capital of Luna City by the Empress and her yet-loyal high Minions, who most notably number among them the Chief Minion and co-architect of the Revolution, the Imperial Minister of Intelligence, the Governor General of Mars, and the Chief of Applied Research (informally known as Chief Mad Scientist).

More may be added here anon, yet for now I fear my pressing Duties require me to attend to other Affairs of State.

~Lauralee Imperatrix, by the grace of God rightful Empress of Humanity, Princess of Terra and the Worlds Beyond, Defender of Sol, &etc.


"P'nra tazarna Koyo tadh'ka." - ancient Bremeni saying, translated by the Chief Minion as: "The second purple Coriolan draws blood."

"Sparkles make everything better." - Her Imperial Majesty
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