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May. 21st, 2007 09:51 am
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Oh, no. This is not good. This is so not good.

(here's the link to Lunaya Pravda's take on things, for anyone who hasn't seen the news from this morning)

(Addendum: At least the advent of conflict is making some people happy...)
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I'm back on Terra! Some of you may not realize - I have been on an interstellar jaunt for the past several months, trying to visit all (well, most!) of the planets, or at least systems, in the Empire. Lots of stories to tell...some time spent working my passage on one of those interstellar cruise ships, more time on freighters...and some interesting food and interesting people on those other worlds and space stations!...but the tale I want to tell today is one that happened right at the end of my trip. I actually met Her Imperial Majesty in person!

Now, I know several of her Minions hang out here, so this may not seem such a big deal to you, but for us ordinary subjects of the Empire? Pretty cool. Especially when it's someone I've heard so much about third-hand, as it were (I having the good fortune to be well acquainted with certain of the aforesaid Minions), but have only ever seen on holovision.

I was asked to meet her on the Chief Minion's behalf, and some of what we discussed I can't talk about, but the rest is no secret - Lunaya Pravda covered it the next day, as did a couple of the other rags that pay attention to these things; you may have seen it in the papers. Her Majesty is thinking of starting an exchange program with the Coriolans! And is looking for humans willing to be sent to the Coriolan Imperium - not diplomats, we have more than enough of those over there, but average people who are interested in learning more about average Coriolans, and in teaching them about us in turn. Given the rising tensions between us and the Imperium, it won't be the safest venture in the world for the participants...but no one can say it isn't a worthwhile one. Who knows? Maybe this will increase understanding and empathy between our peoples enough to prevent an actual war. Or if not that - enough to prevent wars in future decades...

So of course I volunteered. How not? It's the chance of a lifetime - how many humans ever get to even pass through the Coriolan Imperium, much less live among their people for a time? Other than diplomats and a few traders, not too damned many. They're touchy about letting us within their borders...something else Her Majesty is looking to change by means of friendship initiatives like this.

I don't know when or if I will be leaving for Coriolus. Final negotiations with the Coriolans about this are not yet complete, and nothing can be settled until they are. Keeping my fingers crossed. Am I excited? You bet. :)
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While I wish to allow my subjects all possible Latitude in concerns that properly fall in their Purview, it is truly tempting to me this day to step in and make an Imperial decree settling planetary matters for the International Astronomical Union.

I shall refrain. Yet know that in Her Majesty's view, there remain ten planets circling Sol. Ten.

And the name of the tenth among them is Xena, and her moon is Gabrielle - or so it shall ever be in my heart. I bear sufficient fondness for Greek mythology to accept - however unwillingly - the IAU's decision to change these names to Eris and Dysnomia...but it shall never be said in my Presence that there be no more than Eight planets in my Capital System.
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The [info]Governor of Mars and I met recently at the Interworld trade summit in Winnipeg. She was greatly pleased at this chance to at last visit Terra, the original home of her most favoured drink (Coca-Cola. Alas, the Empress hath been entirely unable to convert any of her Minions to the One True Soft Drink a proper appreciation of root beer, yet will she bear with this failing in faith that her followers may one day see the light...)
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Have you seen this Lunaya Pravda article? It's Rupert Jeffries taking potshots at the Empire again. Really, some people...
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Oh, dear. Looks like certain Coriolan elements are rather looking forward to a war...
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Drive-By...Spray Painting?
- Lunaya Pravda, Tuesday, April 25, 4 I.R. (article by Rina Douglas, City Beat column)

Luna City commuters were shocked yesterday when pranksters in a scooter spray painted the Coriolan embassy walls purple. This action follows the mysterious inclusion of chocolate in the food served to a member of the embassy at an imperial banquet last year, when as readers may recall, the Coriolan in question remained violet-pigmented for six days.

The colour purple is unfashionable in Coriolan society, and carries with it negative religious connotations.

Lunaya Pravda has also received unconfirmed but alarming reports that the embassy has since suffered several incidents involving the colour purple, though imperial authorities have released no specifics regarding these events, and rumour disagrees as to their precise nature. There are indications of official interest in keeping these matters quiet, and both imperial representatives and the Coriolan embassy have refused to comment on them to the media.

Monday's vandals have thus far eluded capture, and this morning the Empress issued a statement deploring the act. "Our Coriolan friends have the utmost confidence in the combined efforts of the Luna City Police Department and Imperial Security, as do We," she is quoted as saying. "The public may rest assured that the perpetrators will be brought to justice forthwith."

The passage by the Coriolan embassy, located in the Mare Imbrium complex, is now closed to commuters until further notice.

EDIT: and here's the picture that was printed in the article:

EDIT 2: and you can see the original article here (200 KB)
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It liketh me greatly that I may now announce the advent of this community. All those whose hearts belong to the Empire, behold here a home for the Revolution. Let imperial minions and subjects alike gather to drink glasses of Romulan ale and toast the health of Her Majesty!
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